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 Classic ClientInteractive ClientRemarks
General(De-)select single elements in the result setUse the tab Manual Selection 
Several columns shown when manually selecting elementsCurrently only Name shown 
Complete filter resetUse [X] in the top right corner in the filter dialog 
Text attributesAll values available as suggestion in the dropdown boxDropdown suggestion list no longer available 
Numeric attributesOperators > and <available via the between operator
e.g. ">10" -> "between 10.01 and inf."
Numbers in iteraplan have a precision
of two digits after the decimal point
Date attributesOperators > and <available via the between operator
e.g. ">01/01/2020" -> "between 01/02/2020 and inf."
WatcherFiltering according to watchers of elementsFunction no longer available 
HotkeysHotkeys for accessing elements and actions in the GUINo longer available 
Information SystemsSpecial filtering options: Rework query results  
Only add Information Systems that match the given status and productivity timespanFunction no longer available 
Show only the top level Information Systems of the Information Systems in the result setUse the Distrigation feature 

Filtering in the Classic Client vs. in the Interactive Client

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