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All elements are colored in their default type coloring. Additionally, sub-trees can be opened/closed to expand/collapsed collapse the diagram from any element displayed. The root element can not be collapsed.


     2. From Single Element view



    Tool Area:

  1. Download as svg, jpeg, png, pdf
  2. Reset View to the first selection
  3. Content area
  4. Diagram Legend
    Showing root element, elements which have been expanded to sub-trees, zooming and other settings
  5. Expand/Collapse Group
  6. Go to Single Element view of selected element
  7. Expand/Collapse tree of related elements of selected element (not available for root element)

    First 6 elements will be displayed in group, rest of them can be shown by expand group button: Image Removed


  1. Title links to List View of this group

By selecting specified clicking on the name of an element on the diagram and clicking Single Element View button in the tool area, the Single Element View page of this element is shown.


Initial diagram can be expanded to sub-trees by selecting an element on the diagram and clicking Show related elements in the tool area.the expand/collapse button: Image Added

Sub-tree can also be closed by selecting it and choosing this option in the tool-areacollapsed by cklicking this button again. Initial tree can not be hidden.

Additionally, relations of the element can be shown/hidden by double-clicking the element on the diagram.

On hovering on the element its description is shown as tooltip. If there is no description for the element, its name will be shown as a tooltip.

The initial diagram is zoomed out to show the whole screen. You can zoom in and out the diagram by using "ctrl + mouse wheel". Current zoom level is shown in the legend. 

For more zooming functionality please check here.

To check the actual configuration in the legend you can expand or collapse the legend by clicking on the ">"-symbol at the top right.

Expanded elements are displayed according to the order they were opened.

Image RemovedImage Added

Maximum elements for the diagram to be displayed are 200 for Internet Explorer and 500 for other browsers.