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  1. Row of Tabs
  2. Show this Element in Diagrams
  3. Attributes can be editet by clicking on them

Missing information (e.g. Self-Relations) can be added in the All tab. A Self-Relation can be chosen from the dropdown list or typed into the textfield.


Information about last modification Last Modification User and Time are displayed at the bottom of the page.


An Element from the same type can be created by clicking on Image RemovedImage Added-button right next elements name. You have to enter a new name that is unique within the element-type, then click "create". The element can be found in the list-view.

Copy current element 

Click the Image RemovedImage Added-button to open the copy-dialog. Enter a name that is unique within the element-type. Attributes will be copied if checkbox "Copy attributes" is checked. Relations will be copied if checkbox "Copy relations" is checked. Information flows, Business Mappings, Specialisations and Child Relations will never be copied. 


The currently shown element along with all its attributes and relations can be deleted by clicking the Image RemovedImage Added-button right next to the element name and then confirm by clicking "delete".