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iteraplan 6.5

List View with Business Mapping columns

When using the List View for a Building Block Type and adding the Business Mapping columns, the connection shown between the elements (List Type) and the elements from the Business Mapping might not be correct. A consequence from this might be, that empty rows appear within the Business Mapping block of columns.

This bug only appears in two cases:
There are Business Mappings with more than two related elements. E.g. a Business Function, a Business Process and an Information System are connected via a Business Mapping.
Or there are Business Mappings for one type with two realtedt elements, but with different endpoints. E.g. a Business Function and a Business Process are connected via a Business Mapping. And also a Business Function and an Information System are connected. Then this bug would appear with the Business Function List View.

Workaround 1: Use the List of the Business Mappings itself, not the list view of another type with the Business Mapping colums added.
Workaround 2: Use the Single Element View of an element.

This bug only affects the list view of a Building Block type within the iteraplan GUI. Other parts of iteraplan, e.g. the Single Element View or the REST interface, are not affected at all.

iteraplan 6.4

The Share Visualisation feature stopped working