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iteraplan 6.1

Loading of Single Element View

The Single Element View for Building Block Types which are part of the Business Mappings can only be shown if the user has read permissions for all Building Block Types that part of the Business Mappings (this means: Business Process, Business Unit, Business Function, Product, IT Service, Information System and Business Object)

Workaround: View and edit the elements in the list view.

Saved Queries List might be broken

The Saved Queries List might not load if saved queries were migrated incorrectly from a previous version of iteraplan.

Migration script needs current MySQL

The migration script for MySQL databases is not working for MySQL version 5.6, only for version 5.7.

Date in the excel export/import

The date contained in the excel export file is often not read correctly when importing the file again. The import process will show “(Exported: Invalid date)” after the first step. Be aware, that in this case the import will also change building blocks that were changed after the export.

iteraplan 6.0

Permissions and Attribte Groups (no fix neccessary)


See the installation prerequesites in the Installation Guide for details about the supported configurations.