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Comment: Removed outdated entries for version 3.2 and older.


Workaround: Install with a different deployment context like "iteraplan". This bug is fixed in the third party project and hence in iteraplan.

iteraplan 3.2

Changing enum attribute values doesn't work properly for IE9, IE10 and IE11 (fixed in 3.3)

Changing attribute value assignments inside the "Attributes" section on an element's detail page will most likely not work properly, if the browser is Internet Explorer Version 9 or higher. Internet Explorer 8 and other browsers don't have this problem.

The workaround is to configure "Internet Explorer 8" as Document Mode in Internet Explorer 9/10/11, or to use another browser.

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Displaced enumeration attribute value descriptions in information popups (fixed in 3.3)

Only in edit mode: When a user clicks on the information icon near an enumeration attribute on a building block detail page, the description strings for the attribute values are displaced.

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It might be an option to remove the attribute value descriptions, until this issue is fixed.


No lines visible in Information Flow Diagram (fixed in 3.3)

There is a bug where the default filtering of interfaces in Information Flow Diagrams results in no interfaces being selected. Affected are newly created Information Flow Diagrams, as well as some saved ones if they don't have an explicit interface filter. Resetting the interfaces filter by clicking "Reset" has the same effect.

The second page of the configuration of affected diagrams looks as follows:

Image Removed

A workaround is to click "Filter Interfaces" and execute a query without conditions to get all interfaces, then to select them all and use these interfaces in the diagram. If a diagram formerly without filter is re-saved after this workaround was applied, newly created interfaces will automatically be selected in future executions of the diagram.

Filter with no selected elements cannot be saved and loaded as part of a Nesting Cluster Diagram configuration

When a user defines a filter for the outer or inner elements of a Nesting Cluster Diagram, and deselects all elements, the resulting diagram can be used to display special cases of that diagram: Without outer elements, only inner elements without connections are displayed; without inner elements, only the tree structure of the outer elements is displayed. These diagrams can be configured and generated.

However, if such a configuration is saved and loaded, or executed directly, the empty selection becomes a full selection, and the diagrams are generated differently.

As a temporary solution, the user can load the query, edit the filter, de-select all elements with a single click, and generate the diagram.

Known issue with square brackets in user-defined names on MS SQL Server (fixed in 3.3)

When iteraplan uses MS SQL Server, users cannot use names with square brackets. This is due to a missing escaping in a library (Hibernate) of non-standard extension in MS SQL. Elements with such invalid names are not found, and this results in various problems.

As a temporary solution, users can follow a naming rule.