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Upon initial opening, a Diagram Builder with a last used or default (empty canvas) configuration is presented. All further configuration is done interactively on the diagram. Use the toolarea in the top left corner of the screen or right click functionality to configure your diagram step by step. You can save the complete diagram configuration as public or private saved query. Whenever coming back to the diagram, the last configuration will be restored. The configuration is also stored in the browser URL. All your configurations related to elements and their relations are saved like a "rules" that you can add, update and delete;




  1. Name of saved diagram (if it was saved previously)
  2. Save Saved Query, save as Saved Query, Download, load Saved Query
  3. Zoom control component
  4. Reset diagram to default configuration
  5. Tool area to configure content
  6. Legend showing the rules with their configurations
  7. Edit and delete icon to change rule configuration
  8. Content area