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You can save the complete diagram configuration as public or private saved query. Whenever coming back to the diagram, the last configuration will be restored. The configuration is also stored in the browser URL.

UI Reference

Image Modified

  1. Name of the saved diagram (if it was saved previously)
  2. Save Saved Query, save as Saved Query, Download, load Saved Query
  3. Go to List View of the content type
  4. Zoom control component
  5. Reset diagram to default configuration
  6. Tool area to configure content
  7. Legend showing the content type, attribute, filters and coloring
  8. Content area


You may filter the elements to be displayed within the Bar Chart Diagram. Via the tool area you can add a new filter or edit the current filter. See Filtering for details.


The Bar Chart Diagram supports sorting functionality, see sorting. You can sort elements by bars attributes value or by segments attribute values when "color by" attribute is selected.


Initially bars are colored according to their default attribute value color. To change coloring, use "Color by..." textfield and select desired coloring by numeric or multi-value enumeration attribute.