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You can save the complete diagram configuration as public or private saved query. Whenever coming back to the diagram, the last configuration will be restored. The configuration is also stored in the browser URL.

UI reference

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  1. Name of the saved diagram (if it was saved previously)
  2. Save Saved Query, save as Saved Query, Download, load Saved Query
  3. Go to the List View of content types
  4. Zoom control component
  5. Reset view to default configuration
  6. Tool area to configure content
    1. Diagram header selection: Building block type or Attribute
    2. Adding or Removing rows on the diagram
    3. Selection of Display options
  7. Pinned toolbar (Filter by..., Add rows, Coloring, Delete Row)
  8. Diagram Legend
    Showing Building block type, coloring, filtering, specified rows and other settings
  9. Content area
    Showing the selected building block type


  • Active swimlanes: same elements in same rows
  • Deactivated swimlanes: different elements in one row

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Hierarchical Names