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  • Tomcat log files: catalina.out, localhost.log and localhost_access_log.[TIMESTAMP].txt
    Typical location in the file system: Path to the Tomcat application and in the folder "logs"path, sub-folder logs
  • iteraplan log files: Either iteraplan-[version].log (for today) or iteraplan-[version].log.[TIMESTAMP] (for past days)
    Typical location in the file system: This is set on the installation, often the logs in Often within the Tomcat "logs" folder

The exact location of the iteraplan logs is specified during installation, it can be found in the file



Do not use the SQL Console unless you are instructed by the iteraplan support to do so - or know what you do. By using this console all data in iteraplan might be altered or lost irreversibleirretrievably.