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  • Productive : The productive timespan of a technical component is defined by two items of data: productive from and productive until. The lack of a start date indicates it is not yet known when the technical component release in question is due to go into productive operation; if the end date is missing, the end of the technical componentrelease's productive operation has not yet been set.


  • Predecessors : A predecessor-successor relation exists as the basis for relationships connecting Technical Components. To assign a particular component as a predecessor to the one you are working with, select the name of the predecessor from the drop-down list.
  • Architectural Domains : Each Technical Component can be assigned to one or more Architectural Domains. To make this assignment, select the domain from the drop-down list.
  • Infrastructure Elements : Each Technical Component can be assigned to one or more infrastructure elements. To make this assignment, select the element from the drop-down list. This association can get attributes, which works in a similar way than the association between Information Systems and Business Objects.
  • IT Services : Use this section to manage information about the IT Services supported by the Technical Component.
  • Uses the following technical components : Technical Components may in turn use other Technical Components. You can specify these by entering their names.
  • Hierarchy: You can also specify a superordinate Technical Component as well as one or more subordinate Technical Components and the sequence of these subordinate Technical Components.
  • Is the basis of the following Information Systems : Technical Components can form a part of Information SystemsSystem Releases. This can be modelled by entering the information systems releases here.



The relation Uses the following Technical Components can be helpful in modeling connections between different Technical Components within a portal.