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  • Fixed an issue that led to errors when accessing the application through a reverse proxy
  • Improved protection against Cross-Site-Request-Forgery (CSRF)
  • Fixed an iTurm issue that allowed authenticated users to change their assigned roles without permission to do so
  • Fixed duplicate user entries being shown in filter dropdowns
  • Fixed an issue with the excel import not being able to delete certain business mappings
  • Fixed an issue with peek info displaying attributes that are not assigned to the building block type
  • POST requests to the Single Element API with empty values are now once again ignored, not rejected
  • Fixed an issue with the show in Landscape Diagram feature of the list view
  • Fixed an issue where the list view did not update after deleting an element in treeview mode
  • Fixed an issue with the excel history export on the single element view
  • Fixed the logo being cut off in diagram legends
  • Fixed an issue with the filter and the IFD - Connected over Information Flow option
  • Fixed an issue with incorrect node and edge positions in the IFD after loading a saved query
  • Fixed an issue that prevented user login when an incomplete personal global filter was set
  • Fixed an issue with the navigator not working anymore after deleting the last accessed building block
  • Fixed an issue that prevented users to access their personal space from within a diagram

  • Fixed an issue with query console saved queries that have additional columns displayed
  • Fixed an issue with assigning values to numberic attributes using a special german customizing option
  • Fixed various minor issues and layout problems in the landscape diagram
  • Fixed a layout issue in the nested cluster diagram with orphaned elements enabled
  • Fixed an issue with deleted IS-IFL relations still being displayed after refreshing the page
  • Fixed an issue with the query console in conjunction with the personal global filter
  • Fixed several issues with adding of new values to enumeration attributes
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the customizing of color schemes for diagrams
  • Fixed an issue that led to partially rendered exported diagrams using Firefox
  • Fixed several issues in the business mapping editor dialog
  • Fixed an issue that led to duplicate IS-IFL relations being shown in the SEV
  • Fixed an issue with e-mail notification being partially broken due to an excel import
  • Fixed several layouting issues in the MPD
  • Fixed an issue with empty logfiles generated by the create report feature
  • Fixed a layouting issue with the plugin API list view
  • Fixed several issues concerning the custom dashboard feature
  • Fixed an issue that led to attribute descriptions not being updated properly
  • Fixed an issue with boolean attributes and no assigned value
  • Fixed an issue that allowed the creation of duplicate business mappings

LUY 7.0.3

New Features & Improvements

  • LUY now supports user authentication and authorization via SAML2

Fixed Defects

  • Setting different url adresses for emails and shared visualizations is now possible
  • Fixed various issues related to the share visualization feature
  • Fixed an issue with specific iteraQL exports
  • Fixed an issue with column widths not saving correctly in lists
  • Empty mailing credentials are now supported in docker
  • Fixed an issue with API requests and anonymus access
  • Fixed an issue with a special case in the remove user process
  • Fixed an issue with going to an attribute SEV from the attribute groups page
  • Improved multimode performance
  • Fixed an issue with column sorting in the hierarchical building block list
  • Fixed an issue with square brackets in attribute names and excel import
  • Fixed an issue with keyboard navigation on numeric attribute editors
  • Fixed an issue with the building block SEV not opening in a special case

Contact our support in case of any questions regarding SAML2.

iteraplan 6.5

(Changes since iteraplan 6.4)