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iteraplan 7.0

New Features & Improvements

  • Improved Diagrams
    • Diagrams now have a more modern and clean design
    • Configure the sorting order of elements
    • Set a custom building block type color using the new coloring buttons in the diagram legend
    • Long names in diagrams are now abbreviated in a better way
    • Information Flow
      • The layouting algorithm has been reworked and now produces better results
      • New display options allow to configure how sub information systems are displayed
      • Modify the path of edges and the position of edge annotations using drag & drop
      • Moving and aligning elements is now easier thanks to grid snapping
    • Masterplan
      • Specify date boundaries to create reports which only show the relevant time span
      • Choose between different time units (day; week; month; quarter; year)
    • Nested Cluster
      • A new layouting algorithm now reduces gaps in the layout
    • Nested Cluster & Landscape
      • When displaying attributes, you can now set an attribute filter to limit what values are shown
  • Personal Global Filter
    • Users can now define a personal global filter which limits what building blocks are shown (and loaded) in the entire application
    • This allows you to only show data relevant for a specific scenario, to hide legacy elements and much more ...
  • Peek Info
    • Hover over building block names to quickly see additional information without leaving the current page
    • Decide what attributes are important to you and your users, and configure the peek info accordingly
    • Note: Due to performance considerations, the peek info is not available when using Internet Explorer 11
  • Improved Data Loading
    • The client now loads only data relevant to each page in order to reduce initial loading times
    • In the list view, xWiki translations are now loaded immediately to avoid a later refresh of the list
    • The meta model loading is now more efficient, especially with large responsibility attributes
  • Improved Menu Bar
    • Buttons and widgets are now grouped logically for improved usability (this affects various pages, but primarily the building block list view)
    • In the building block list view, the data and view filter can now be reset individually
  • Improved Single Element View
    • For information systems, the connected information flows are now shown in an improved layout
    • Unassigned mandatory attributes are now clearly indicated with a new icon
    • A newly added relation is now marked with a "new" tag in order to be found faster
    • When attempting to add a business mapping that already exists, users can now open the business mapping editor instead of combi-create
    • A new "add business mapping" button has been added next to the relation manager drop-down
    • A few improvements have been made on the layout of the page to improve usability and reduce whitespace
  • Improved List View
    • New building blocks can now either be added via the "new" button in the menu bar or via a new "plus" icon next to the name column
    • The dialog shown when pressing the "new" button now includes all mandatory attributes of that building block type
    • The tree mode now uses more standardized arrow icons instead of the previous plus and minus icons for displaying the hierarchy
    • The new button in the business mapping list now opens the business mapping editor
    • Improved keyboard support and general usability
  • Personal Space Page
    • There is a new personal space page which contains information and settings for the individual user
  • Improved e-mails
    • E-mails sent by iteraplan now have a new design and improved texts
    • The e-mails are now available in German or English, depending on the user's language setting
    • The docker container now has a mailing configuration as well
  • The homepage and building block list view now have basic screen reader support (make sure to enable it in the personal space settings first)
  • The tiles on the homepage have been redesigned and now have new icons, which are used throughout the application
  • The corporate design customizing now affects all colors
  • Improved structure view
    • The structure view showing the meta model of iteraplan has been redesigned
    • It is now set as default view when accessing the homepage for the first time
    • It is now available as VISIO template to facilitate customization
    • It is now possible to upload a German and English structure view separately
  • The attribute list in the administration now contains a new column that shows all building block types which the attribute is enabled for
  • The plugin list now contains a new column that shows the plugin ID

Fixed Defects

  • Fixed issue with information flow diagram: Information systems included over information flows were ignored by the manual selection filter
  • Fixed issue with PDF export: PDF export was not working in some cases
  • Fixed issue with editor: Editor was displayed outside the screen when long names were present
  • Fixed issue with "/query" endpoint: iteraQL string has been moved from the URL params to the request body
  • Fixed visual issue with plugin API editor

Additional notes

  • Business Functions have been renamed to Capabilites.
    The renaming in the customizing is done only in new installations, updates for existing installations are not affected.
    However, if you have not customized the structure view before, it will now say "Capabilities" instead of "Business Functions".
    In order to stick with Business Functions, download the legacy structure view SVGs here and upload them in the customizing section.
  • REST-API change:
    The "/query" endpoint is now POST instead of GET and the iteraQL expression needs to be in the body of the request, not the URL.
    This has been necessary due to some limitations and conflicts of iteraQL inside the URL. For more information, take a look at the latest REST API documentation.
  • Please do not copy the file "" from the previous version into version 7.0. The files have changed and it will therefore not work.

iteraplan 7.0.1

  • Fixed an issue with sorting in the Landscape Diagram: elements in hierarchies were always sorted by name.

LUY 7.0.2

New Features & Improvements

  • The application is now styled according to LUY.
    Existing customizings of the corporate design are not affected by this. If you would like to return to the iteraplan styling, take a look here.
  • We simplified and improved the corporate design customizing.
    You now only need to choose a primary and an accent color, and the whole application will be styled accordingly.
  • Information Flow Diagram
    • Improvements to the routing of edges, including a better performace while dragging nodes
    • You can now move the edge independant of the grid, in order to avoid offset problems

Fixed Defects

  • Fixed an issue that led to errors when accessing the application through a reverse proxy
  • Improved protection against Cross-Site-Request-Forgery (CSRF)
  • Fixed an iTurm issue that allowed authenticated users to change their assigned roles without permission to do so
  • Fixed duplicate user entries being shown in filter dropdowns
  • Fixed an issue with the excel import not being able to delete certain business mappings
  • Fixed an issue with peek info displaying attributes that are not assigned to the building block type
  • POST requests to the Single Element API with empty values are now once again ignored, not rejected
  • Fixed an issue with the show in Landscape Diagram feature of the list view
  • Fixed an issue where the list view did not update after deleting an element in treeview mode
  • Fixed an issue with the excel history export on the single element view
  • Fixed the logo being cut off in diagram legends
  • Fixed an issue with the filter and the IFD - Connected over Information Flow option
  • Fixed an issue with incorrect node and edge positions in the IFD after loading a saved query
  • Fixed an issue that prevented user login when an incomplete personal global filter was set
  • Fixed an issue with the navigator not working anymore after deleting the last accessed building block
  • Fixed an issue that prevented users to access their personal space from within a diagram

  • Fixed an issue with query console saved queries that have additional columns displayed
  • Fixed an issue with assigning values to numberic attributes using a special german customizing option
  • Fixed various minor issues and layout problems in the landscape diagram
  • Fixed a layout issue in the nested cluster diagram with orphaned elements enabled
  • Fixed an issue with deleted IS-IFL relations still beeing displayed after refreshing the page
  • Fixed an issue with the query console in conjunction with the personal global filter
  • Fixed several issues with adding of new values to enumeration attributes
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the customizing of color schemes for diagrams
  • Fixed an issue that led to partially rendered exported diagrams using Firefox
  • Fixed several issues in the business mapping editor dialog
  • Fixed an issue that led to duplicate IS-IFL relations beeing shown in the SEV
  • Fixed an issue with e-mail notification beeing partially broken due to an excel import
  • Fixed several layouting issues in the MPD
  • Fixed an issue with empty logfiles generated by the create report feature
  • Fixed a layouting issue with the plugin API list view
  • Fixed several issues concerning the custom dashboard feature
  • Fixed an issue that led to attribute descriptions not being updated properly
  • Fixed an issue with boolean attributes and no assigned value
  • Fixed an issue that allowed the creation of duplicate business mappings

iteraplan 6.5

(Changes since iteraplan 6.4)

nameiteraplan_Annotated Release Notes 6.5.pdf

New Features

  • Information security management
    • Bridge the gap between the requirements of the information security management and the EAM data
    • Perform target-to-target comparison with automated workflows to detect deviations (risks) and do subsequent risk assessment
    • ISM is a separately licensed module that requires a specific license key to use
  • Quick access
    • Access a global search from everywhere within iteraplan
    • Increase your productivity by quickly changing to recently visited pages


  • Oracle JDK 11 and Open JDK 11 compatibility
  • Improved Visio export
    • The Visio export for the cluster diagram, masterplan diagram, portfolio diagram and tree map diagram is now feature complete

    • The Visio export for the information flow diagram now supports multiple connection points

  • Improved enumeration/responsibility editors
    • Performance is now independent of the literal amount
    • The width of the editor adjusts to longer literals

Fixed Defects

  • Fixed an issue where accessing a shared visualization would change your current login user
  • Fixed an issue with the creation of date interval dependencies
  • Fixed an issue with the list view excel export and formatting of numbers
  • Fixed an issue with the plugin API not updating responsibility attributes after "createUser()"
  • Fixed an issue where a custom number formatting could lead to wrong conversions
  • Fixed an issue with the information flow diagram where long edge annotation texts where cut off
  • Fixed an issue with the multi mode when trying to assign an element as its own parent
  • Fixed an issue with element names that contain "$"
  • Fixed an issue with the Xwiki syntax not being translated correctly
  • Fixed an issue with the list view not sorting correctly by last modification time

  • Fixed an issue with the information flow diagram Visio export where connection points where incorrect after resizing

Please note that starting with release 6.5, Tomcat 7 and 8.0 are no longer supported. Take a look at the installation prerequisites for more information.

iteraplan 6.5.1

  • Improvements to the information security management module
    • Requirements can now be structured in hierarchies, similar to how it is done for building blocks
    • Requirements, risks and actions can now be deleted in addition to being deactivated
    • Requirements, risks and actions now have complete element type histories
    • A requirement does not necessarily need a mapping to building block data anymore, it can exist without it
    • An action can now be created without assigning any risks initially
    • “Affected Building Blocks” and “Responsibility” on requirements can now be updated after the initial requirement creation
    • Fixed an issues with long loading times for the requirement list view
    • Instead of once a day, the risk identifications of building blocks are now updated once every hour
    • Improved texts for the security surveys
  • The system info report now contains the iteraplan.log file
  • Fixed an issue with loading saved queries in the custom dashboard and the iteraQL console
  • Fixed an issue with incorrect http links in survey emails
  • Fixed an issue with surveys and enumeration columns
  • Fixed an issue with plugin scripts not causing data history changes
  • Fixed an issue where attribute groups could be given a name that is already used in the metamodel
  • Fixed an issue with the "show in list" button in some visualizations
  • Fixed an issue with the 6.4 to 6.5 database migration scripts for Oracle
  • Fixed an issue with the Information Flow Visio export showing blurred text in some cases
  • Fixed an issue with the visualization PDF export on SaaS instances
  • Fixed an issue with null names for fields like "last modification user"
  • Fixed a minor layout issue with the business mapping editor in the single element view

Please note that starting with release 6.5.1, the provided docker image uses Java 11 and Tomcat 9.

iteraplan 6.4

(Changes since iteraplan 6.3)

nameiteraplan_Annotated Release Notes 6.4.pdf

New Features

  • Information flow usability
    • Information flows are now easier to understand and manage
    • Clearly see what data is exchanged between information systems
    • New dialogs assist you in creating and updating information flows
  • Fill responsibility attributes
    • Automatically include users in responsibility attributes
    • Synchronize responsibility attributes with LDAP using the plugin API
  • Share visualizations (beta)
    • Generate shareable links for saved queries
    • Share up-to-date reports with stakeholders outside of iteraplan


  • Improved singe element view
    • Improved page structure, including a new navigation header
    • Quickly add new relations directly on the relation panels
    • Performance improvements to greatly reduce the initial loading time
    • Create and edit business mappings using the new business mapping editor
    • Keyboard support for editing attributes
  • Improved Visio export
    • The Visio export for the information flow diagram, landscape diagram,
      nested cluster diagram and navigator is now feature complete
    • Especially the connectors and the grouping of shapes have been greatly improved
  • Added a possibility to edit relations directly in the navigator
  • The iteraplan installer can now optionally encrypt passwords
  • Disabling of building block types through customization now also hides the affected relations
  • Date interval dependencies can now be edited after the attribute has already been created
  • Added a filter dialog option to include ancestors/descendants when filtering hierarchies
  • Added a drop down option to the new-button of the list view
  • Added an excel export option to omit the generation of preformatted empty rows
  • Improved the page breadcrumbs to include the homepage tabs
  • Improved the default parameters of the information flow diagram layout
  • Improved the readability of the information flow diagram edge annotations
  • Extended the REST API to include plugin-API endpoints
  • Added a customizing option for the American date format
  • Added generated default colors for new enumeration literals

Fixed Defects

  • Fixed the behavior of the functional permission for public saved queries
  • Fixed an issue with data model changes triggered by a scheduled plugin script
  • Fixed an issue where the list view was empty after setting a relation filter
  • Fixed an issue with the sorting of dates in the list view
  • Fixed the ordering of business mappings in the single element view
  • Fixed the ordering of attributes in the singe element view
  • Fixed an issue with error toast not being visible in the single element view
  • Fixed a permission issue with specific relation attributes
  • Fixed an issue with iteraQL expressions not working for the partial Excel export
  • Fixed an issue with some diagrams not opening when there are no building blocks
  • Fixed an issue with loading the building block history in some cases

Please note that starting with release 6.4, Java 7 is no longer supported. Take a look at the Installation Prerequisites for more information.

iteraplan 6.4.1

  • Improved building block list view: the column width is now preserved when adding or removing columns
  • Fixed a layouting issue in the navigator that caused boxes to overlap
  • Fixed an issue where in some cases the SEV would not open
  • Fixed an issue with creating date intervals that caused follow up errors
  • Fixed an issue with the display of user names in the history entries
  • Fixed an issue related to the editing of role descriptions
  • Fixed the visio export for the IFD when using a manual selection filter
  • Fixed a render issue of the IFD where annotation effects where always shown
  • Fixed the issue of SEV relation cards taking up unnecessary space
  • Fixed an issue with the SQL console

iteraplan 6.3

(Changes since iteraplan 6.2)

nameiteraplan_Annotated Release Notes 6.3.pdf

New Features

  • Surveys - decentralized data collection
    • Improve collaboration and user involvement using the new surveys feature
    • Send freely configurable tasks to other iteraplan users, showing them a list of building blocks that they are responsible for
    • Easy to use and fully integrated into roles and permissions: all happens inside iteraplan
  • Hotspot Diagram
    • Detect building block internal dependencies using this new visualization
    • Display the self-relations of all building block types
    • Filtering, coloring, saved queries as well as export options available
  • Diagram Builder (beta)
    • Create your own diagrams using this new expert feature
    • In this first version it's possible to define rules on what building blocks and relations are shown
    • It will be extended in the future based on your feedback
  • Boolean attribute type

Reworked Functionality

  • Removed fixed attributes
    • The following fixed attributes are now migrated to regular custom attributes: Status values (IS & TC), Productive period (IS & TC), Lifetimes (PROJ), Available for Interfaces (TC)
    • After the migration they are placed in a new attribute group "[Core Attributes]"
    • This means that these attributes can now be edited, deleted or moved to a different attribute group
  • Date Intervals can now exist without being based on date attributes. However, a dependency for the start- and/or enddate can still be declared in the attributes page


  • Improved Single Element View
    • Better layout to show information more clearly
    • Simplified Business Mappings
      • Business Mappings now show the type of each building block
      • Business Mappings with only two dimensions are shown in a sperate panel
      • Two dimensional business mappings are added right away without opening the editor
    • Better relation management usability
      • Filter buildings blocks by type or add a filter to find elements faster
      • Removed the limit of elements in the relation drop-down
    • Added a calendar view to visualize dates and date intervals
    • Added a display option to show hierarchical names for building blocks
    • Added a display option to show all elements in a new line, not next to each other
  • Improved List View
    • Better tree view
      • Sorting is now possible in tree view mode
      • Added buttons to expand or collapse all hierarchies
      • Added saving of the hierarchy collapsed states for each user
    • Better keyboard operability when working with the list view
    • Added a loading indicator to show when a change for a cell is finished
  • Improved REST API
    • New REST documentation according to the OpenAPI specification
    • Added administration API that enables read and write access to attributes, attribute groups, users and roles
    • Added possibility to post a JSON-datamodel to the data endpoint (before it was limited to excel)
  • Better attributes and attribute groups user interface to improve usability
  • Added Plugin API support for HTTPS URLs and proxies
  • Added a zoom control widget for all diagrams
  • Diagrams now save the scroll position in addition to the zoom level
  • Responsibility attribute values now show the first and last name in addition to the username
  • Improved the Visio export for the Information Flow Diagram
  • Improved hint in dialog when replacing an information system in an information flow
  • Improved mention of display options in diagram legends
  • Improved user interface of the cluster diagram
  • Improved design and texts for various dialogs

Fixed Defects

  • Fixed a performance issue with building block drop-downs in the List View
  • Fixed an issue where newly created elements in the list view could not be directly selected in relation dropdowns
  • Fixed an issue where relation attributes in the list view could not be edited properly
  • Fixed an issue where numeric values in the tree view did not show any value for child elements
  • Fixed an issue where "show in list" would not work using IE11
  • Fixed an issue where specific queries would not work using the partial excel export
  • Customizing the fav-icon now works correctly using Edge
  • Saved query names are now properly used in all exported visualizations
  • IFD node positions are no longer reset when showing or hiding the diagram legend
  • The LSD relation filter now works correctly when filtering for business mappings
  • The LSD relation filter no longer features self-relations, because this functionality is already present in the node filter
  • The Quick Filter is now considered when using the list view multi mode
  • Relation names now all have proper german translations

iteraplan 6.3.1

  • Fixed an issue where the VISIO export was not working for specific diagrams

iteraplan 6.3.2

  • Fixed an issue with the permission handling for relation building blocks
  • Fixed how the attribute group permissions were determined when a user has multiple roles, or role inheritance was used
  • Fixed an issue that prevented IFL IS-2 relations to be created/edited using the single element view
  • Fixed an issue with the 6.2 to 6.3 migration script for Oracle and MSQL. If the migration was already done, take a look here.

iteraplan 6.3.3

  • Fixed an issue with adding relations to building blocks that are connected via business mapping
  • Fixed an issue with combi create of business mappings when a combination already existed
  • Fixed an issue with attribute group permission handling on the SEV
  • Fixed an issue with the format of date intervals in the xmi export

iteraplan 6.2

(Changes since iteraplan 6.1)

nameiteraplan_Annotated Release Notes 6.2.pdf

New Features

  • Navigator Extension
    • Two modes to explore your EA: Standard mode and deep dive mode
    • In the standard mode only relations to the centered element are shown
      The center can be changed, and there are multiple display options to filter what is shown
    • In the deep dive mode other elements can be expanded to show their relations as well
      This is the functionality that is already known from previous versions
    • It is now possible to create and link new elements from within the navigator
    • Ability to save & load a configuration
  • Information Flow Diagram Extension
    • Nodes and Edges can now have annotations to provide additional information
    • Annotations can be filtered for a clear view on the data
    • Node positions are saved and also used for exports
    • There are now multiple docking points for connected edges in all directions
  • Building Block Comments
    • Users can now add comments to all elements
    • This feature is enabled by default, but can be disabled in the system administration
  • Remove a User and his Footprints
    • The user management now features user deletion/substitution functionality
    • Helps to get a complete understanding and control over all data in iteraplan containing personal/user information
    • It is possible to download impact as well as post-execution reports
    • Provides GDPR/DSGVO conformity of iteraplan itself
  • More filter options in the Landscape diagram
    • In addition to the three filters for elements, there are now two filters for the relations used to construct the diagram
    • Much finer control of what is show in the diagram
    • The relation filter option is especially powerful when being applied to Business Mappings
  • Delete with Options
    • The deletion of an element with child elements results in appropriate deletion options
    • If an element is included in business mappings there are appropriate deletion options as well
  • Relative Filter Options
    • Responsibility attributes can now be set to "current user", to reference the user currently logged in
    • Date attributes can now be set to "today", to always reference the current day

Reworked/Dropped Functionality

  • Corporate dashboard page featuring a template to download has been removed.
    The template is still available via the forum or customer support.


  • Improved filter dialogue usability. It now clearly divides between element and relation filter
  • Possibility to configure author visibility in building block history
  • All parts of the metamodel (element and relation names in English and German) can now be customized
  • Improved login/logout when anonymous access is enabled
  • Improved the printing layout of the single element view

  • Microsoft Edge compatibility
  • Extended the Plugin API with the ability to query meta information of attributes
  • Extended the Plugin API with a get-user-details functionality
  • Diagram legends now show the minimum and maximum values for numeric coloring
  • Cluster diagram: New UI of the tool area, better configuartion possibilities for each row
  • Diagram downloads now have a loading indicator
  • Improved the legend readability in customized dashboards
  • Related elements in a list view are now links to the respective single element view
  • Multiline attributes in the single element view now show in full width
  • Added proper notifications for missing permissions
  • Mass updates now show a progress bar
  • Direct SQL execution possible
  • Added the possiblity to check the status of the iteraplan installation
  • Improved the usability when uploading files in the graphics reactor
  • Improved the usability of the roles and permissions page
  • A lot of smaller UI/UX improvements

Fixed Defects

  • Resolved some issues with the behaviour of the Plugin API. It now clearly distinguishes between parsing and executing scripts again
  • Fixed an issue that prevented creating relations from an infrastructure element to a technical component in some rare cases
  • Fixed an issue where multiline text attributes where not editable in the single element view
  • Fixed an issue in the list view that prevented a new child element from being created
  • Fixed an issue where the order of an element's children was not updated properly
  • Fixed an issue where a copied element could not be edited properly
  • Fixed an unexpected logout issue in IE11
  • Fixed an issue with saving date intervals without end data in list view
  • Fixed an issue where no subscription emails where sent
  • The creation of attributes with an invalid name is now handled properly
  • Fixed a layout problem when moving rows in the cluster diagram
  • The sorting of lists is now properly saved
  • Fixed an issue with the Excel import where the date could not be read
  • Legends in the diagram Visio export are now positioned correctly
  • Fixed an issue where the single element view was not loaded at all due to some missing permissions
  • The element links in subscription e-mails are now correct
  • A customized application logo is now displayed in a proper resolution

iteraplan 6.1

(Changes since iteraplan 6.0.5)

nameiteraplan_Annotated Release Notes 6.1.pdf

New Features

  • Huge Metamodel extension
    • More powerful Business Mapping
    • Relations are now attributable
    • Extended Domain Types
    • Interface Type overhauled
    • Project connected to all other types
  • Plugin API enhancements
    • GUI now available for configuration
    • Schedule a script execution
    • Possibility to directly execute a script
    • Send emails from scripts
    • Query external systems from scripts
  • Customizings
    • Globally set date format, help menu contents etc.
    • Change logo, favicon and GUI colors
    • Define color schemes for visualizations
    • Rename the iteraplan Building Block Types and Relations

Reworked/Dropped Functionality

  • Changes related to the Metamodel extension
    • Some technical names of elements changed
    • Relations are now attributable, so their handling changed
    • Interface type has been renamed and overhauled
    • See here for details
  • Classic Client removed from iteraplan
    • Saved Queries and History data need to be migrated
    • Object related permissions are removed
    • Time series functionality removed
    • Spreadsheet report templates replaced by internal Excel feature
    • Seals now realised via Plugin API
    • Information Flow diagram templates removed
    • Audit log file feature removed
    • Functional permissions were adjusted
    • See here and here for details
  • Plugin API scripts now configured via GUI


  • Performance improvements, especially for initial load, list view and single element view
  • List view controls and diagram configuration options redesigned
  • Visio dowload option (beta status) for various diagrams available
  • Position values of elements are now considered in tree view and diagrams
  • Direct loading of saved queries from lists and visualizations possible
  • Possibility to take over result set from iteraQL query console to list or diagram
  • Improved Overview for configured Roles & Permissions
  • Loading notice for some long running tasks added
  • History for Building Block Types now also shows changes of single elements, without details
  • Axis label text size in portfolio diagram improved
  • Background color of Custom Dashboards improved for better visibility

Fixed Defects

  • Excel import now correctly removes self relations with the conservative strategy selected
  • User delete now possible with existing subscriptions
  • Metamodel structure view: Boxes are now everywhere clickable
  • Element History does no longer show global changes of the type from before the creation time

iteraplan 6.0.5

iteraplan 6.0.5 is a Service Release featuring mainly defect fixes

(Changes since iteraplan 6)

Fixed Defects

  • Various problems when copying elements solved
  • IE11: After adding elements via the list view the green "adding line" in the table now disappears
  • Buttons New & Delete in Single Element view no longer available when user has insufficient rights
  • Query console result list no longer shows edit marker when editing is not possible in the list
  • Error now shown when a published Graphics Reactor result page fails to be created 
  • Mass deletion of just created Business Mappings now works correctly in all cases
  • HTML markup in Dashboards in now correctly distinguished from XWiki markup
  • Download of Custom Dashboards now works correctly
  • Custom Dashboards do not automatically redraw themselves
  • Subscription mails now work correctly for just added relations
  • The anonymous access feature now works correctly in all cases when using Oracle as database backend
  • The IT-Service element translation string is now used everywhere in the New Client
  • The Excel import is no longer prone to incorrect time span values
  • The visualization embed feature does no longer show a blank page in IE 11
  • Scrolling in the list after opening and closing a multi line input field now works in all browsers
  • When loading a saved query columns might no longer be discarded
  • The Information Flow layout is now immediately deterministic after a parameter change
  • IE11: Adding relations in the single element view fixed
  • Multivalue enumeration attributes in the Default Attribute Group are now correctly displayed
  • In the Single Element View Enumeration Attributes which are shown next to the core attributes can now be correctly edited
  • The single element view does no longer accidentially open when using drag and drop in the tree view mode
  • Descriptions in the Query console result list now show the XWiki syntax correctly
  • Some rare cases fixed with attribute group and building block type permissions
  • No more empty space shown at the bottom of the Masterplan Diagram
  • Coloring in Pie Chart Diagram will no longer be broken after reload / additional configuration


  • Various GUI and layout improvements regarding usability and clear arragement
  • Elements in PDF & SVG export now link to the single element view page in iteraplan
  • Browser back button now immediately goes back to the last visited screen
  • Order of enum literals now respected in the REST response and everywhere in the GUI
  • (?) links in multiline editors now lead to proper online XWiki documentation page
  • Filtering speed improvements in IE11, especially with manual filtering
  • Single element view page speed improvements

iteraplan 6

(Changes since iteraplan 5.5)

nameiteraplan_Annotated Release Notes 6.pdf

New Features in the Interactive Client

  • Mass update feature
    • Included in the list view
    • Filtering and manual selecting of elements possible
    • Setting/clearing and adding/removing of value(s) possible
    • Works also with relations, not only with attribute values
  • Adding & deleting for Business Mappings
    • Part of the list view
    • Individual Business Mappings can be added or deleted
    • Adding/Deleting of combinations (cross product) possible
  • Enhanced Single Element view
    • Editing of all values possible
    • Add relations by simply starting to type element names
  • New Tree view
    • Included in the element list view
    • Shows the hierarchical position of the elements
    • Rearrange via Drag and Drop possible
    • Also works with filtered lists
  • New Custom Dashboard
    • Individually combine saved visualisations and other content
    • Freely design and layout your dashboards
    • Immediately see your results
    • Save and share your dashboards
    • Migration (of dashboard templates) from Classic Client is available
  • Integration of lists and visualizations
    • Easily switch from one view to the other and keep all filters etc.
    • Available for all types and all visualizations
    • Also visualize single elements directly in various diagrams
  • New User and Role & Permission Management
    • Included in the Admin section
    • New layout eases the administration of the features
  • New Attribute and Attribute Group Management
    • Included in the Admin section
    • Drag and Drop available for reordering elements
  • Element Subscriptions
    • Available in the list view and the single element view
    • Subscription possible to both single elements and to the element type
    • Works also with mass update (mass subscription)
    • Current subscription status is shown


  • Docker images of iteraplan are generally available for all customers
  • Export & Import
    • Functionality available in the Interactive Client
    • Progress now better visible
  • Full XWiki Syntax is again available for multi line text attributes
  • History data for a bulding block type (containing creates and deletes of elements) available
  • Better interaction within the Navigator
  • Elements can now be easily copied
  • New start screen layout, data model showing all relations and self relations also available
  • More example use cases of iteraplan Reactions available in the documentation
  • Missing mandatory and out-of bounds attribute values are highlighted in the single element view
  • List of users can now be downloaded
  • Current licensee and license expiry date is shown in the admin section
  • Filtering for system attributes like lastModificationTime now possible
  • Status of search index recreation now shown
  • Anonymous access (without prior login) to iteraplan configurable
  • iteraplan Reactions now also log their output to the iteraplan log file
  • Notifications (Subscriptions) are now sent when importing data via Excel
  • Better error message via REST when license in invalid

Reworked/Dropped Functionality

  • The iteraplan Classic Client is no longer available by default.
    It is only included as a reference, without any support, and it needs to be activated explicitly to be used.
  • User Groups are no longer available. All user groups are migrated to user entities with this release.

Fixed Defects

  • Complex list or visualisation configurations resulting in very long URL strings are now correctly saved
  • iteraQL query console results with two separate types are now correcty displayed
  • Zoom level in the Information Flow Diagram is now correctly saved
  • Quick filter in list view now always connects all search terms via AND
  • Overall application speed improved when using custom enumeration attributes with a lot of literals
  • Installer no longer uses wrong/unwanted settings when run twice