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Standard configuration is the first tab of the Customization tile. You can adjust standard features of iteraplan such as:

  • Default Language
  • Menu and Tile Positioning
  • Partial Limits in diagrams
  • Help Menu
  • Date, Time and Number Format
  • List View Features

Default Language

Customization for default language provides three options:

  • User selection: Each user can change the application language in Profile & Settings
  • English
  • German

If English or German is selected it is not possible to change language in Profile & Settings.

Menu and Tile Positioning

Select from three options: Left, Center (default) and Right

Partial Limits in Diagrams

Every diagram has a specific maximum number of building blocks rendered and displayed. Customization of this limit provides a possibility to set a new maximum. The first column is for limits in Internet Explorer, the second column for all other browsers.

Be careful not to set a too high maximum number as it will affect the performance and rendering time of the diagram - or even make a certain diagram completely unusable.

Help Menu

The help menu contents might be customized. The help menu is shown on the top right corner of every page in iteraplan.

  1. Link to this User Guide
  2. Help menu item
    Both the German and English display name can be changed by clicking the edit button next to it. The link value might be some URL or some file located within your tomcat directory. A file path link should start with /"yourApplicationFolderName".
  3. Delete item
  4. Insert new item

After deleting all entries the Help menu itself will disappear.

Items can be reordered dragging the row up or down via the drag handle (2). 

Date, Time and Number format

  1. Months display switch
  2. Date format
  3. Time format
  4. Number format

German and English locales can have different formats.

List View Features

  1. Individual features of the list views can be enabled or disabled via the checkboxes on the rigth. The selection affects iteraplan globally.
  2. Enable all features
  3. Disable all features

Peek Info

The Peek Info appears when hovering over a Building Block and displays information about that element. Please note that it is currently disabled in Internet Explorer due to performance reasons.

The attributes displayed when hovering over a Building Block can be customized for each Building Block type.

  1. When "Display top level attributes" is selected, the attributes from the top level attribute group are displayed in the peek info.
  2. Custom attributes can be displayed by selecting the second column.
  3. The attributes can be added by clicking on the input field. They are displayed in the order they are selected in.
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