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Each user can define a Personal Global Filter in order to reduce the amount of data that is loaded and displayed. This filter affects the data that is visible in the entire application i.e. the diagrams, List Views, Information Security Management etc. Keep in mind that, while the Global Filter is set, you might miss some elements in your application.

  1. Enable edit mode to configure Personal Global Filter
  2. Activate/deactivate filter
  3. Section shows current Personal Global Filter

Configure a Personal Global Filter

Activate the edit-mode by clicking on Edit. You can define a separate filter for each Building Block Type by clicking on the Filter button beside the Building Block Name.

Reset the filter for each Building Block Type separately by using the Reset button next to the Filter button in the box of the Building Block Type or reset all your configurations by using the Reset All button in the toolbar.

The number beside the Reset button shows, how many elements of the originial amount will be visible for you if you apply the filter.

In all cases you need to press Apply in order to save and activate the new configuration. If your configuration contains no filters, Apply will not activate the filter.

You can review your set filter in the overview. 

When saved, the Configuration is displayed like this.


Once you click Apply all your configurations for all Building Block Types is saved and immediately activated. That means you see only filtered data. 

You can deactivate the filter, using the switch button. The settings are saved anyway until you edit them again and/or activate the filter again.

At any time the filter-icon in the header shows if the Personal Global Filter is active  or not

Affected Features...


While creating a Survey you can set a filter for the elements that should be part of the Survey. The survey and the filter that you set, will be applied to all data that is stored in your database, not only the set of data that you see with your Presonal Global Filter active. As a result, if a Personal Global Filter is active, you might not see all the elements that are affected by your Survey.

Also when viewing existing Surveys the data that you see might be incomplete if a Personal Global Filter is active.

Information Security Management 

The Information Security Management affects all data that is saved in your database, which means also data that is not visible to you because of your Personal Global Filter. When you choose the set of elements for a Requirement, the requirement might also affect elements that are in the database but not visible to you. 

Same scenario applies to the Risks and Surveys of the Information Security Management. 

Consider to deactivate your Personal Global Filter while working with the Information Security Management-Feature. 

A toast will warn you about this behaviour on the affected pages.

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