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If data historization is enabled, all changes made to a building block will be recorded and can be viewed in the tab "History" in the single element view. When data historization is turned off, the history of building block changes will not be recorded and the history tab is not visible. However, previous history entries are still kept and become visible again as soon as data historization is enabled again.

Commenting Feature

If commenting is enabled, it is possible to leave comments on single element view of a building block. Comments will also appear in search results.

Authors Visibility in Building Blocks History

If disabled, the author of a change will no longer be shown in the List View and in exported history list file. The author will nevertheless still be recorded and shown in the Single Element View of an element.

Anonymous access

Anonymous access is configured by selecting an user. Everyone who navigates to iteraplan is automatically logged in as the chosen user, whenever this option is active. When the user choosen for the anonymous access changes, the role of users that are currently using the anonymous access does not change until they reload the page.

The selected user must have logged in once in iteraplan before it can be used for the anonymous access.

Disable anonymous access by selecting the option "No Anonymous Access" or "Kein Anonymer Zugang".


With anonymous access enabled, all iteraplan data might be visible or even editable for the public. Use this feature with the appropiate caution.

Full-text search

The full-text search indexes should be recreated when problems occure while searching for data or if the data have been modified in the database directly.

Internal Cache

The internal cache should be emptied when data have been modified in the database directly.

System Info

The system info report contains information about the system on which iteraplan is run as well as details of the system settings. The report can help system administrators or the iteraplan customer support to solve problems. When a report is created, the result can be downloaded as a zip file.


If you receive a new license key for iteraplan, it can be registered here. The details of the currently active license key as licensee, expiry date and optional modules are shown. You will need to re-login for the new license to take effect.

Login Information and Cookie Notification

Login information which can be displayed under the Login button on the Login page can be configured using text editor. 

Basically it can be used for displaying username and password for a demo-user or displaying information about a planned system downtime.

You can use wiki syntax inside login information editor. See here: Wiki syntax

If option "Show cookie notification" is enabled, users will be notified about cookie usage with an info banner in the bottom of the Login page.

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