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iteraplan is the Amazing Enterprise Architecture Management Tool. iteraplan features extensive analysis capabilities, customizable reports and individual visualizations. The tool supports the Best Practice EAM Method and fulfills requirements from various stakeholders regarding documenting, analysing and planning the Enterprise Architecture. 

Here you can see an overview of all available documentation for iteraplan 6.5, which is the the major version released in February 2019.

Installation Guide - Corporate Edition only

The Installation Guide describes how to install and run iteraplan 6.5 and the light-weight identity management system iTURM.

Upgrade Guide - Corporate Edition only

Follow the steps in the Upgrade Guides to upgrade from a previous version of iteraplan.

User Guide

The User Guide explains all features and functions in detail.

PDF Download

Here you can download the Installation Guide and User Guide for version 6.5 in PDF format.

*Die deutsche Version ist maschinell übersetzt. Bitte im Zweifelsfall die englische Version zu Rate ziehen.
The German version is machine translated. Please refer to the English version if in doubt.


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