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iteraplan is a client/server application. This chapter describes the requirements on both the client and the server side.

Overview of Required Infrastructure

iteraplan is a web application which runs on a central server. On the client side, the application requires a web browser. On the server side, it requires a Java servlet engine, which provides the runtime environment for the application, plus a relational database in which the application data can be stored.

Client Requirements

Supported Browsers
Microsoft Internet Explorer 11
Microsoft Edge
latest Version of Mozilla Firefox
latest version of Google Chrome

We recommend using the latest version of Chrome. The browsers data privacy settings must be configured to accept cookies and JavaScript.

Server Requirements



Minimum Requirement



1 GHz Dual Core

more is better


2 GB (with large models: more needed)

4 GB, more is better

Disk space

250 MB (excluding DB and OS)

1 GB of free space (excluding DB and OS)

Database System

MySQL 5.5 / 5.6 / 5.7, Oracle 11/12c* or MS SQL Server 2012 / 2014 / 2016

latest update/patch level of MySQL 5.x, Oracle 11/12c or MS SQL Server 2012 / 2014 / 2016

JDBC Connector,

see also Database drivers,

according to your DB System

MySQL JDBC Connector 5.x

Oracle JDBC 6 (ojdbc6)

Microsoft JDBC Drivers 4.0

latest JDBC driver for your database vendor of choice

Database Storage

10 MB (with large models: more needed)

100-200 MB

* Oracle 12c is only supported with the bug fix/patch No. 18430870 applied to the database. Without the patch iteraplan will not work correctly.
We recommend to apply all patches available for Oracle 12c. With Oracle 12c there are defects similar to the one leading to the known problem with iteraplan, even if no specific iteraplan problems have been reported so far.
Whenever it is not possible to install the patch, please consult the Knowledge Base Article Search Index creation fails.

Additional requirements

Installer variant


Minimum Requirement


Operating System

Any OS supported by Java 8 (64 Bit)

Runtime Environment

Java SE Runtime Environment version 8 (Update 65)
(always 64bit) by Oracle/SUN

latest update of Java SE 8 (64bit) by Oracle/SUN

Application Server 

Apache Tomcat 7.0.37, 8.0.37 or 8.5.27

latest Apache Tomcat 8.5.x, 8.0.x or 7.0.x

Optional: Chrome/Chromium

Either Chrome or Chromium, Version 69.x
(only required for the Shared Visualization feature)

iteraplan is an application based on Java and requires a servlet engine. The server with this engine must be connected to the local network and be able to respond to requests submitted with HTTP/HTTPS.

Please verify that a supported version of Apache Tomcat is installed, and that the CATALINA_HOME environment variable references the Tomcat installation folder. CATALINA_HOME must be created as a system wide environment variable. Some Tomcat configuration options must be changed in order to run iteraplan successfully. Please follow these instructions. Also make sure that you have write access to the subfolder webapps of the Tomcat installation folder, as the iteraplan installer will write to this folder later on.

A relational database is required for storing the application data. Make sure that one of the supported database products is installed. The procedure for creating the database schemas is described on a separate page

Before installing the application with the iteraplan Installer utility, you must first install a compatible Java runtime environment (JRE). The JRE is also a prerequisite for running the Tomcat servlet engine. The application only supports the Java runtime environments by Oracle. JREs from other vendors are not tested and not supported.

Please verify that the Java /bin folder is included in the PATH environment variable (or Path - environment variables are not case sensitive in Windows). In addition, the environment variable JRE_HOME (alternatively: JAVA_HOME) must be set to the installation folder of the Java runtime or development environment.

Either Chrome or Chromium is required for the Shared Visualization feature. Please refer to the documentation for your operating system on how to install Chrome/Chromium. The required configuration is described in Configuration Options and Notes.

Docker variant


Minimum Requirement


Operating Systemany OS supported by Docker, versions as below
Dockerversion 1.12.0newest 1.x version
Docker-Composeversion 1.9.0newest 1.x version

A relational database is required for storing the application data. Make sure that one of the supported database products is available. The procedure for creating the database schemas is described on a separate page

Performance Considerations

The performance of iteraplan depends on many different parameters. Therefore there are neither general established numbers for precise hardware requirements nor a set of rules for iteraplan configuration.

When considering iteraplan's performance the following hints might be helpful nevertheless:
On the server side more memory is more important than more CPU power in most cases. On the client side more CPU power is more important than more memory in most cases.
The iteraplan interactive client heavily relies on JavaScript. Any anti virus software (or similar) interfering with web browser execution or with loading JavaScript files from the server can severely affect iteraplan's performance. In some cases iteraplan might become practically unusable.

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