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All diagrams can be zoomed in and out by using the Zoom control component or by keyboard shortcuts.

In the Masterplan diagram zooming changes the timespan that is shown, not the size of the entire diagram.

By component

For all diagrams the "Zoom control component" is present in the top of toolarea between "Show in list"/"Saved Queries" and "Reset" buttons.

You can change the zoom by moving the slider or by pressing the "Zoom in"/"Zoom out" buttons. The current zoom value is always shown.

By keyboard shortcuts

All diagrams can be zoomed in and out using the following keyboard shortcuts:

Ctrl + Mouse wheel up, Keypad "+" — zoom in

Ctrl + Mouse wheel down, Keypad "-" — zoom out

Ctrl "0" — reset zoom (set to 100%)

Shift "Z" — zoom to fit in view

On a Macintosh the Command key is used as the modifier instead of the Control key.

On touch devices there is a default context menu that shows many commonly-used commands when you hold a finger down on the diagram.

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