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The Hotspot Diagram visualizes relations between elements of the same type. This is done in form of a circle with lines connecting its nodes.

While hovering over an element or a line, the corresponding elements' relation is highlighted and arrows are shown to display the direction of the relation. For example, a parent-child relation will be represented with lines directed from child to parent elements.


Upon initial opening, a Hotspot Diagram with a last used or default configuration is presented. All further configuration is done interactively on the diagram. Use the toolarea in the top left corner of the screen to configure your diagram step by step.

You can save the diagram configuration as public or private saved query. Whenever coming back to the diagram, the last configuration will be restored. The configuration is also stored in the browser URL.

UI reference

  1. Name of the saved diagram (if it was saved previously)
  2. Save Saved Query, save as Saved Query, Download, load Saved Query
  3. Go to List View of the content type
  4. Zoom control component
  5. Reset diagram to default configuration
  6. Tool area to configure content
  7. Legend showing the content and relation type, filters and coloring
  8. Content area

Select Building Block Type

Click on "Content Type" in the tool area to select your desired Building Bock Type for the diagram.

Select Relation Type

Click on "Self relations" in the tool area to select one of self-relations to be displayed in the diagram with use of lines.


You may filter the elements to be displayed within the Hotspot Diagram. Via the tool area you can set a filter for the elements. See Filtering for details.


Hotspot Diagrams can be configured to show additional information via coloring of the elements.

By default, the elements are colored according to their Building Block Type. Via the tool area you can set an individual coloring. Choose between numerical and enumeration based coloring. 

See Coloring for details.

Display options

There are two display options for Hotspot diagram:

  • Always show direction arrows/Show direction arrows on hover.
    Enabling this option will highlight nodes and connections (selected self-relation type).
  • Show Orphaned Elements/Hide Orphaned Elements.
    Enabling this option will remove all nodes that do not have selected self-relation type.

Both options work independently.


By default the diagram is drawn to use the whole available screen space, unless it has been zoomed manually the last time you used it.

You can zoom the diagram. The zooming functionality is described in the Zooming section.


To check the actual configuration have a look at the legend. You can collapse or expand the legend by clicking on the "<" or ">" symbol.

Reset View

By clicking on the "Reset View" button, you can reset the diagram to the default values. Look at User Profiles page for details.


You can download the diagram shown on the screen as SVG, PNG, JPEG, PDF or VISIO (beta-feature). The zoom factor used within the downloaded file is always 100%.

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