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The Diagram Builder is a new expert feature that allows you to create visualizations that exactly suit your needs.

In this first version, it is already possible to visualize relations (lines) between elements (blocks). In order to define what elements and relations are shown, rules need to be added to the diagram.

In the future, the diagram builder will be extended to allow for more customization of how the lines and blocks of the different element types look like.


Upon initial opening, a Diagram Builder with a last used or default (empty canvas) configuration is presented. All further configuration is done interactively on the diagram. Use the toolarea in the top left corner of the screen or right click functionality to configure your diagram step by step. You can save the complete diagram configuration as public or private saved query. Whenever coming back to the diagram, the last configuration will be restored. The configuration is also stored in the browser URL. All your configurations related to elements and their relations are saved like a "rules" that you can add, update and delete;

UI reference

  1. Name of saved diagram (if it was saved previously)
  2. Save Saved Query, save as Saved Query, Download, load Saved Query
  3. Zoom control component
  4. Reset diagram to default configuration
  5. Tool area to configure content
  6. Legend showing the rules with their configurations
  7. Edit and delete icon to change rule configuration
  8. Content area

Show Building Blocks

This functionality provides possibility to add building blocks to the canvas. Click on "Show Building Blocks" in the tool area

or right click on the empty space in canvas

to select your desired Building Block Type for adding.

The Filter for chosen type is opened and you can filter the elements that you want to show. Press "OK" and you will see the elements with their relation on your diagram.

Show Related Building Blocks

Select the element for which you want to add related elements and choose your desired relation from the toolarea("Show related building blocks")


or by clicking right mouse button on this element 

The Filter for chosen related type is opened and you can filter the elements that you want to show. Press "OK" and you will see new elements on your diagram.

Hide Relations

Select the relation(line) that you want to hide and choose your desired relation from the toolarea("Hide relation <relations abbreviations>")


or by clicking right mouse button on this relation(line) 

The Filter for chosen relation is opened and already customized for chosen element. Press "OK" and you will see that relation is hidden.


By default the diagram is drawn to use the whole available screen space, unless it has been zoomed manually the last time you have used it.

You can zoom the diagram. The zooming functionality is described in the Zooming section.


To check the actual configuration have a look at the legend (6). You can collapse or expand the legend by clicking on the "<" or ">" symbol.

The configuration shown like a rules with rule number and rule`s detail information: 

 - shown building block type

 - hidden relation

 - applied filter

Also "edit" and "delete" (7) icons are present. By clicking on "edit" icon the Filter is opened again and you can change configuration. 

By clicking on "delete" icon confirmation dialog will appear and by confirming rule will be removed from the legend and diagram is rebuilt.

Reset View

By clicking on the "Reset View" button, you can reset the diagram to the default values. Look at User Profiles page for details.


You can download the diagram shown on the screen as SVG, PNG, JPEG, PDF. The zoom factor used within the downloaded file is always 100%.

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