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Corporate Edition only!

The entire Installation Guide refers to the iteraplan Corporate Edition only. Lite Edition users should follow the instructions in the bundled README.txt file.

This installation guide describes how to install and run iteraplan and the light-weight identity management system iTURM.


This installation guide is intended for people who want to install and run iteraplan.


The iteraplan application is designed to be able to connect with your existing identity management solution. However, if you do not have a solution already installed, you can use iTURM for managing users, roles and rights.

User management is done via the application itself, so this subject is not dealt with in this manual. For more information about managing users and roles, please refer to the iteraplan User Guide .


This manual uses the following typographical conventions:

Bold: Bold type designates elements of the user interface.

Monospace: File names, URL addresses are shown in non-proportional (monospace) type.

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