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The Tree Map Diagram visualizes the distribution of numeric values with the help of the area of rectangles. 


Upon initial opening, a Tree Map Diagram with a last used or default configuration is presented. All further configuration is done interactively on the diagram. Use the toolarea in the top left corner of the screen to configure your diagram step by step.

Currently the complete diagram configuration is stored in the browser URL. You might want to use your browsers bookmarking functionality for saving the configuration.

UI reference

  1. Download, save diagram and reset current view
  2. (no longer present)
  3. Tool area
  4. Content area
  5. Legend
    Showing Content Type, attribute, coloring, filtering and other settings

Download Diagram

Treemap diagram can be downloaded in five different formats:

  • SVG
  • JPEG
  • PNG
  • PDF
  • VISIO (beta-feature)

Select Building Block Type

Click on "Content Type" in the tool area to select your desired Building Bock Type for the diagram. The list of building blocks contains only building blocks which have at least one numeric attribute.

Select Attribute

After selecting the Building Block Type the alphabetically first numeric attribute will be used to define the item sizes.

Click on "Attributes" in the tool area at select different attribute (if there're more than one).

Only building blocks with defined and positive values are used to build the Tree Map diagram. Building blocks with undefined, zero and negative values are filtered out.


You may filter the elements to be displayed within the Tree Map Diagram. Via the tool area you can set a filter for the elements. See Filtering for details.


Tree Map Diagrams can be configured to show additional information via coloring of the elements.

By default, the elements are colored according to their Building Block Type. Via the tool area you can set an individual coloring. Choose between numerical and enumeration based coloring. 

See Coloring for details.

Hierarchical Names

You can use hierarchical names instead of the standard names for each level by clicking on "Display" in the toolarea. This is only possible for Building Block Types having the hierarchy relationship.


By default diagram is drawn to use the whole available screen space, unless it has been zoomed manually and URL contains customized zoom level.

You can zoom the diagram using keyboard and mouse. The keyboard shortcuts are described in the Zooming section.


To check the actual configuration in the legend you can expand or collapse the legend by clicking on the "<" or ">" symbol at the top right corner of your browser's viewport.

Reset View

By clicking on the "Reset View" button, you can reset the diagram to the default values. Look at User Profiles page for details.


You can download the diagram shown on the screen as SVG, PNG, JPEG or PDF. The zoom factor used within the downloaded file is always 100%. 

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