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A dashboard is a page easy to read and which contains diagrams of the current status and of historical trends.  A template contains the complete design, optionally some descriptive text and, of course, diagrams. When creating an instance of a dashboard, you choose saved diagrams queries to insert into dashboard. Custom dashboard supports X-Wiki text formatting. Custom dashboard is accessible via "Custom Dashboard" tile in the "REPORT" tab.

UI reference

  1. Save Dashboard as a Query.

  2. Download Custom Dashboard.
  3. Show/Hide text-area.
  4. Text-area input.
  5. Open saved diagrams' queries dialog.
  6. Render Custom Dashboard.
  7. Clear text-area input.
  8. Preview Container for Custom Dashboard.

Custom Dashboard Text-Area

To open text-area, click "Edit button". 

Custom Dashboard Text-Area fully supports X-Wiki syntax and will be convert text as X-Wiki mark-up on the Preview Container.

Additional information for X-Wiki syntax can be found here.

Unfocused Text-area looks much smaller, when it is focused, text-area will expand.




Inserting saved Diagram

Saved diagram can be added to text-area by simply clicking "Diagram" icon on top left corner of the text-area. 

After clicking "Diagram" icon, pop-up dialog will be opened.

  1. Quick Search
  2. Add diagram to Custom Dashboard
    Diagram will be added as a custom tag to textarea: <Diagram>UUID</Diagram>. Note: Don't change UUID manually as a diagram won't be rendered properly. Use saved diagrams dialog.
  3. No permission for adding diagram (colored in light grey).
  4. Cancel button

Diagram tag is created with a default width of 800. Height value can also be added. Note: Please specify width and height values only in single quotes (example: width='600') for proper rendering.

To clear text-area content, click clear button on the right from text-area.  Additionally, all content from text-area is saved to user configuration, therefore, leaving the page will not delete entered text.

Creating Custom Dashboard

Custom Dashboard will be created when some text is entered in the text-area.

"Show" button  on the right from text-area will create Preview container for Custom Dashboard on the bottom of the page.

Additionally, Custom Dashboard will be rendered if nothing is entered in the text-area for 10 seconds.

If diagram's id could not be found, error message will appear in the Preview container.

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