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The Combi Create button in List view of Business Mapping toggle Combi Create mode. Turning on Combi Create mode turns off Multi mode and vice versa. Clicking of Combi Create button will bring up a panel above the list.



  1. Combi Create button - turns on and turns off Combi Create mode.
  2. Combi Create panel - contains 4 editors for Business Mapping relations and 'Add' and 'Delete' buttons.
  3. User can choose option 'All connected relations' or choose some specific from dropdown.
  4. User can choose multiple relations for each Building Block Type.
  5. Relations can contain no Building Blocks.
  6. 'Add all combinations' creates a new set with all possible combinations of selected relations (using Cartesian product), 'Delete all combinations' find and delete all elements, which pass the condition.

When Combi Create mode is open, list becomes inactive. User cannot create, edit and delete nothing from list. For creating business mapping by Combi Create mode, user have to choose at least one of Information System and at least one instance from the rest relations. Clicking by editor of some connected building block type, dropdown with all instances of this building block type shows. User can select multiple instances from dropdown, and they will show in editor. User can remove some of them by clicking 'X' button above instance name or select option 'No instances' for clear all selected instances.

User can select option 'All instances' for quick select all instances. In this case, one option with name 'All instances' will appear in editor. If user remove it by clicking 'X' button, editor will be cleared. if user select some other option when 'All instances' is selected, editor will count only new option.

After selecting user can click on two buttons in right side of toolbar (6). By clicking 'Add all combinations' button, user creates set of business mapping with all possible connections of related elements which he was chosen. For example:

Connected information System:     Connected Business Process:      Connected Business Unit:      Connected Product:

Account-Sys RB #3.1                         Controlling                                     Capital & Risk                          No product

BI # 1.0                                            Core


    create a set of 4 Business mappings with connections:

Account-Sys RB #3.1 / Controlling / Capital & Risk / -

Account-Sys RB #3.1 / Core / Capital & Risk / -

BI # 1.0 Controlling / Capital & Risk / -

BI # 1.0 Core / Capital & Risk / -

By clicking 'Delete all combinations' button, user deletes all Business Mappings, which have same connections from set.

After executing, the summary screen with information shown.

In this dialog user can see information about number of successful created/deleted elements, number already existing elements (if there was) and number of failed (1). User can click 'Ok' button for exit summary, or switch to Multi mode by clicking one of buttons (2). Button 'Mark all elements' opens Multi mode with all existing elements selected. Button 'Mark newly created elements' opens Multi mode with only just created elements selected.

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