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LUY 7.2.0 (fixed in 7.2.1)

In some cases, data modifications via a multi-mode update could lead to an endless loading when subscribing to elements or building blocks. Versions prior to 7.2.0 were not affected. We fixed the issue in LUY 7.2.1.

iteraplan 7.0 / 7.0.1 (fixed in 7.1.3)

iteraplan versions 7.0 and 7.0.1 contain a security issue. Logged-in iteraplan users exploiting this issue might gain additional rights or roles in the application. This security issue only applies to on-premise installations that use the iTurm application for user management. Installations using an LDAP connection are not affected. Versions before 7.0 and versions including 7.0.2 or later are also not affected.  

For versions 7.0 and 7.0.1 using iTurm: Please use the patch provided here. Or upgrade to LUY/iteraplan version 7.0.2 or later.

iteraplan 6.5

List View with Business Mapping columns (fixed in 7.0)

When using the List View for a Building Block Type and adding the Business Mapping columns, the connection shown between the elements (List Type) and the elements from the Business Mapping might not be correct. A consequence from this might be, that empty rows appear within the Business Mapping block of columns.

This bug only appears in two cases:
There are Business Mappings with more than two related elements. E.g. a Business Function, a Business Process and an Information System are connected via a Business Mapping.
Or there are Business Mappings for one type with two related elements, but with different endpoints. E.g. a Business Function and a Business Process are connected via a Business Mapping. And also a Business Function and an Information System are connected. Then this bug would appear with the Business Function List View.

Workaround 1: Use the List of the Business Mappings itself, not the list view of another type with the Business Mapping columns added.
Workaround 2: Use the Single Element View of an element.

This bug only affects the list view of a Building Block type within the iteraplan GUI. Other parts of iteraplan, e.g. the Single Element View or the REST interface, are not affected at all.

iteraplan 6.4

The Share Visualisation feature stopped working

This is likely a problem with Chrome/Chromium used for generating the visualisation on the server. 

Version 71 of Chrome/Chromium has a known problem, which causes the iteraplan feature to fail. As Chrome/Chromium might automatically update itself (depends on the installation and operating system), this problem might arise suddenly without any configuration changes or manual updates on the server.

Try to avoid the version 71, if possible. Version 70 and 72 work fine.

iteraplan doesn't respond any more after creating a Date Interval attribute (fixed in 6.5)

When creating a date interval attribute it might happen that iteraplan doesn't respond after creation of the attribute. This is only the case, if the start and/or end of the date interval is configured to be dependent on a date attribute.

Workaround: Take a look at the solution described here.

iteraplan 6.3

History creates a error [object | object] in the SEV (fixed in 6.3.3)

On working on the single element view or opening the history the error [object | object ] appears.
Fix for 6.3, 6.3.1, 6.3.2: Take a look at the solution described here.

IS-2 relation for information flows not editable using the SEV (fixed in 6.3.2)

It is not possible to edit the IS-2 relation for information flow using the SEV. Workaround: edit this relation using the list view.

Attribute group permissions problems (fixed in 6.3.2)

Attribute group permissions were not working correctly when using multiple roles for one user, or when using the role inheritance.

Relation BBT permission problems (fixed in 6.3.2)

The permissions are not handled properly for relations between building blocks.

Survey can not be created with the database "Oracle" or "MS SQL" (fixed in 6.3.2)

After the update to version 6.3 it is not possible to create surveys.
Fixed: 6.3.2 contains updated migration scripts. If you already migrated the data to 6.3: take a look at the solution described here.

VISIO export not working (fixed in 6.3.1)

The VISIO export produces corrupt files when exporting any visualization except the information flow.

iteraplan 6.2

Excel Import not working when export was done in german language (fixed in 6.3.0)

If the excel export was done while the iteraplan version was set to german, the import is not working due to some "invalid status values". Export and import using the english iteraplan instead.

iteraplan 6.1

Date Interval needs an "End Date" and cannot be empty (fixed in 6.2.0)

If the "Date Interval" attribute will be edited/created it is not possible to save an empty "End Date". 

Loading of Single Element View (fixed in 6.2.0)

The Single Element View for Building Block Types which are part of the Business Mappings can only be shown if the user has read permissions for all Building Block Types that part of the Business Mappings (this means: Business Process, Business Unit, Business Function, Product, IT Service, Information System and Business Object)

Workaround: View and edit the elements in the list view.

Saved Queries List might be broken (fixed in 6.2.0)

The Saved Queries List might not load if saved queries were migrated incorrectly from a previous version of iteraplan.

Migration script needs current MySQL Server

The migration script for MySQL databases is not working for MySQL version 5.5 and 5.6, only for version 5.7.
Fixed: Solution is described in the iteraplan Knowdledge Base article 

Link to the script

Date in the excel export/import (fixed in 6.2.0)

The date contained in the excel export file is often not read correctly when importing the file again. The import process will show “(Exported: Invalid date)” after the first step. Be aware, that in this case the import will also change building blocks that were changed after the export.

Anynomous Access is not shown in GUI

 After the installation of Version 6.1 the "Anynomous Access" is default hidden in the GUI.

Workaround: Change the line "anonymous.access.UI.enabled=${anonymous.access.UI.enabled}" to "anonymous.access.UI.enabled=true" in the config file "".
The "" will be found in the path "TOMCAT\WEBAPPS\*iteraplan instance*\WEB-INF\classes"

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