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The modification could not be savedFabian KainzingerJan 08, 2019
REST command leads to 404 errorChristoph StanglJan 03, 2019
No response after creating a Date IntervalChristoph StanglJan 03, 2019
History can not be loadedChristoph StanglJan 03, 2019
Surveys cannot be created with Oracle and MS SQL as databaseiteraplan adminJan 03, 2019
License cannot be updated with LDAP + SSOChristoph StanglJan 03, 2019
Internal Server Error after iteraplan installation with LDAP+SSOMarcel SchrumpfJan 03, 2019
Exported PDF diagram is emptyFabian KainzingerJan 03, 2019
Anynomous Access is not shown in GUIChristoph StanglJan 31, 2018
Search Index creation failsChristoph StanglFeb 15, 2017
Fix exception: "listener does not currently know of SID given in connect descriptor"Marcel SchrumpfJun 13, 2016
Poor performance in the interactive clientFabian KainzingerFeb 10, 2016
First name, last name and email address are not set during LDAP loginStephan FeroudjJan 21, 2016

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